StudioMixx Body Sculpting System

7025 E 5th Ave
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Always up for a challenge, I recently signed myself up for a StudioMixx Body Sculpting class and honestly, I get a little sore just thinking about it. I would consider myself active and in decent shape but this class truly kicked my butt – in a good way.

If you enjoy a vigorous workout and welcome sore muscles as proof of a job well done, StudioMixx in Old Town Scottsdale is the place for you. Unlike a typical gym spilling with tricky equipment, StudioMixx boasts a spacious Zen-like studio neatly organized with the essentials for a focused workout and plenty of room to move around.

As I entered the studio, Shandi — the owner and instructor for our class — welcomed me with a cheery smile. (Note to self: Keep this up and I could have a derrière like hers? I’m in!) She quickly helped me gather the equipment we would need for the class and got me set up front and center of the room. I mentioned my apprehension to a few of the other students in the class, and they were really friendly and supportive so that made me feel comfortable with what was to come.

The hour-long Mixx workout combines Pilates, yoga, isometrics and calisthenics. The class got off to an energetic start with some of my favorite songs filling the air. After a warm up that quite frankly had me already breaking a sweat, we transitioned through a variety of challenging exercises. As we shifted from our weight training moves on the floor to the ballet barre for a cardio-packed leg work, Shandi suggested modified beginner moves, which I incorporated so that I could finish the class.

After my legs were thoroughly shaking and barely able to support my weight, we left the barre and went back to the mat and grabbed the floor gliders for more intense leg and “glut” work. Ouchie! From there, we grabbed our elastic bands for a quick round of leg resistance work. We finished with balance balls for even more legwork and an abdominal workout.

At the point where my body was literally telling me I couldn’t do one more exercise, we began our cool down. The hour had truly flown by.

As I pulled myself off the floor at the conclusion of the class, I asked around about how some of the regular students made it look so easy and they assured me it wasn’t. Shandi mixes up the class every time so while your body doesn’t know what to expect, the regulars were building muscles they didn’t know existed and it got a little easier each time. Now I get the whole “body sculpting” aspect of the class — the moves really zero in on targeted body areas.

Walking out of the class, I felt the soreness already setting in. But I also felt a satisfied sense of accomplishment for taking on the challenge and getting through it in one piece. The next few days as I stretched out my muscles, I realized that I was sore in places I hadn’t been in quite some time.

Having exhausted my excitement about hitting the cardio machines in the mega gyms and gone through my fair share of personal trainers who quickly gave in to my complaining and bartering, this is just the class I have been looking for. Unlike a gym group fitness class that puts you on display for everyone to see, StudioMixx offers an intimate workout experience. The environment left me feeling much less self-conscious throughout the process and really let me get the most out of the class.

So despite the buckets of sweat and few moments of discomfort, I found the StudioMixx to be well, actually, kind of fun. Shandi is a motivating, supportive instructor and the atmosphere is upbeat and non-intimidating. I’ll be back — just as soon as I can walk again!

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