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Pain FREE laser hair removal? Really? Yes, really! Read on!

If I had $200 and only two hours to spend it, I can guarantee Pure Vanity Spa would be the place I’d go. For a business in the Grayhawk neighborhood of North Scottsdale, this day spa takes the cake for great prices and an even greater experience. Tucked in the same plaza as The Good Egg and Primp and Blow, you could spend a full day of shopping and pampering in this little nook.

After a week that had flown by at work, I didn’t even know where to start on myself since I had neglected pretty much every inch of my body. I scheduled a full day of beautifying, which wasn’t as pricey as you may think. I got a killer deal through an AZ Spa Girls eblast (sign up for the eblast here!). The package included a 50-minute Custom Whole Body Massage, 50-minute Pineapple-Papaya Enzyme Facial, Crystal-Free Microdermabrasion and a lounge in the Aromatherapy Capsule Treatment Bed—all for only $109 (a $395 value)! Yep, you read it right—it’s good to be a Spa Girl!

I had two awesome treatments, to say the least. First, an incredibly relaxing full-body massage. The entire treatment was totally customized with exactly what I needed. My neck and shoulder had been bothering me and my therapist, Jamie, knew exactly how to work out the kinks.

The massage was immediately followed by an invigorating facial. I didn’t know what to expect since I had never tried microdermabrasion, but I really enjoyed it. I was scared that I might leave with red and irritated face but instead, my skin felt soft and super smooth and had absolutely zero redness. The aesthetician, Devin, then asked me if I’d like to try a product that was like a “work out for my skin” and I happily agreed. She then painted on a paprika-spiked mask from Eminence Organic that felt a little tingly after a few minutes of being on and left my skin looking rosy and refreshed. She even gave me a brow wax while I was there to straighten up my rough edges!

These two treatments were just what I needed, but the highlight of my visit was the laser hair removal that they offer. They call it “pain-free laser hair removal” but I figured I would be the judge of that. Plus, I could try it for FREE (yup, no joke!) in one area. I decided on my underarms.

I have to admit, I was a bit nervous at first. As much as I hate being hairy, I hate the RIP and the ZAP of removing hair even more. Melissa, my new best friend over at Pure Vanity, assured me that I would hardly feel a thing with the laser treatment.

I laid down on the treatment bed and she decked me out in some really cool looking laser-blocking glasses, put my arms over my head and went to work on my underarms. First was the gel. This was probably the most uncomfortable part of the entire process – just a cooling gel that is conductive to the laser process. Then she got the laser out. I held my breath and prepared for the worst as she swirled the laser gun around my underarm area … but that was it. Nothing. She said it might begin to feel warm as she continued, but I hardly felt a thing. And that was that, first armpit done! I laughed at myself a few times, but was pumped and ready to go for the second one. Voila! Ten minutes later, I was out of there with some fresh spray deodorant they provided too.

Now the best part. It’s two weeks later and I have hardly had to shave my underarms at all. Usually, they estimate that it takes four to six sessions before you’re completely hairless in that area, but I can already see a huge difference.

Bottom line, the laser hair removal is 150% worth every penny! It really is completely pain free and you are able to “try before you buy.” I’ve recommended it to all of my friends. I’ll be visiting Pure Vanity at least every four weeks!

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