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As I sat at my desk working away one afternoon, I started longing for a tropical escape. Knowing very well an impromptu trip to Hawaii would wreak havoc on my bank account, I did the next best thing and scheduled a Lomi Lomi massage at Hawaiian Experience Spa in Chandler — the newest of their two Valley locations (the flagship spa is in Scottsdale).

When I arrived, I was greeted with a warm island welcome and a perfect balance of Hawaiian ambiance. I took a quick tour of the new location and then waited patiently for my escape to begin. To my surprise, the waiting area has a gorgeous waterfront view.

After learning I had never experienced a Lomi Lomi massage, my massage therapist Josh filled me in on a few unique characteristics of the massage:

1.    You lie directly on the vinyl table – they use LOTS of essential oils
2.    There is not a top sheet, just draping to cover important areas
3.    The therapist will climb on the table at various points
4.    There is a draping ritual at the end

Being briefed on what to expect set me at-ease for the rest of the massage and I felt more than comfortable – even with less covers than I was used to.

From the moment the massage began, I was transported from all my stresses and worries to a serene state of mind. The combination of oils and Josh’s fluid motions allowed for less friction during the massage, which brought on a completely different sense of relaxation.

The gracious use of oil and lack of bottom sheet allowed for simultaneous massage of both the upper and under sides of my body – something I had never experienced before. Boy, does that make a difference! Instead of kneading and rubbing, the massage utilizes your own body and balance to release tension and increase circulation.

As the hour came to an end I reluctantly slid off the massage table and headed toward the steam shower for a little more relaxation and some freshening up. I highly recommend ending with the steam shower.

Begin your post-massage experience with a 25-minute steam indulgence. As the steam clears, it is time to freshen up. But this isn’t your ordinary shower. With showerheads on all the surrounding walls and dropping from the ceiling, the room feels less like a shower and more like a waterfall. The best part? It’s couple-friendly.

After my Lomi Lomi, a steam treatment and waterfall shower, I had sufficiently fulfilled my need for a tropical escape. And with the undeniably more affordable price point, this is one I can indulge in on a much more regular basis. Thanks Hawaiian Experience Spa for my mini vacay!

Call 480.855.0145 to book your own Lomi Lomi massage or tropical escape at Hawaiian Experience Spa.

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