StudioMixx Body Sculpting System

Always up for a challenge, I recently signed myself up for a StudioMixx Body Sculpting class and honestly, I get a little sore just thinking about it. I would consider myself active and in decent shape but this class truly kicked my butt – in a good way. If you enjoy a vigorous workout and welcome […]

Pilates Corps

It’s not exactly the newest fitness fad and in fact, Pilates has been around for decades since first developed by Joe Pilates in the 1920s. But over time, instructors have refined the practice and developed a style that works with our modern lifestyles. Pilates Corps in Scottsdale is among several Pilates-centric studios and we sent […]

Remedy Pilates & Massage

As I stepped out of my house to a glorious sunny and 80 degree day (thank you beautiful Arizona), it hit me: swimsuit season is just a few degrees away and I have in no way, shape or form begun toning and tightening for the occasion. Being a fan of mat Pilates and always a […]