Not all airbrush tans are created equal. Some might leave you feeling icky, like you’ve just rolled around in maple syrup and dirt. Others could make you look like a Jim Henson Muppet. But if they’re done right, like the custom airbrush tanning services from Bronzeology, you’ll leave looking and feeling like your skin has […]

Zethina Cosmetics & Skin Care

I first met Zethina in the lady’s restroom on the set of a local morning TV show. She took one look at me, pulled out her magical makeup brush and went to town on fixing my botched makeup job. I have adored her ever since and now that she has her own spa, I couldn’t […]

La Bonne Vie Day Spa

On a 115-degree day in the dead of summer, downtown Scottsdale can get a little sleepy. Half the merchants have skipped town while the other half signal their willingness to brave the heat with electrical tape or towels on their door handles so shoppers won’t scorch their hands on entry. Restaurants that usually enjoy alfresco […]

Designer Shades

Designer Shades Spray Tanning

There is nothing I love more than a good spray tan (and a fruity cocktail). Being beautifully bronzed gives me the confidence to strut my stuff on the runway (or, in my house). Designer Shades Custom Spray Tanning & Teeth Whitening has redefined the spray tan and now I am forever hooked. Upon arrival to […]