Blue Door Spa Suite at The Hermosa Inn

5532 N Palo Cristi Rd
Paradise Valley AZ 85253

Blue Door Spa Suite at The Hermosa Inn in Paradise Valley is truly the boutique hideaway it claims to be, in everything from the stunning views of Camelback Mountain to the authentic Arizona decor. Its one-of-a-kind charm and intimate elegance made me yearn for a getaway all while providing a comforting feeling of home.

I arrived on a gorgeous May afternoon with the sun shining bright and absolutely perfect spring weather (thank you Arizona!). After a hectic week, I needed a secluded spot where I could feel like I was taking a break from everything, if only for a few hours. If I could have matched a location to my mood, that would have been it. Every single aspect of the gorgeous property wraps its arms around you and makes you feel like you could stay forever. Originally hand built in the 1930s by cowboy artist Lon Megargee as his residence and studio called “Casa Hermosa” meaning beautiful house, guests were treated like friends and family, wandering in and making themselves at home. Everything from the incredibly nurturing staff to the plush amenities made me feel just that – comfortable.

When I arrived, I was taken on a tour of the abundant property. The first stop was the main, and original building, which houses Lon’s at The Hermosa. The adobe style building is the absolute perfect combination of rugged and elegant and has meeting spaces, garden patios and an incredible wine cellar for dining. Hand-carved oversized furniture and custom artwork fill the space.

Next, winding stone walkways guided us through the “hidden garden” in the middle of the desert to the guest rooms and newly remodeled casitas. The 34 luxurious spaces are all unique with luxurious Southwester-style decor paired perfectly with chic accents.

Then came the moment I was waiting for. Just as I was poking through the Blue Door Boutique’s candles, books and Hermosa’s signature body line, I was introduced to my therapist for the day, Melissa. As she walked me past the serene pool area to the private Blue Door Spa Suite, she was truly interested in my needs for the day. Completely open to a custom treatment for that specific visit, Melissa asked me about my treatment preferences, what I like, don’t like and any special requests.

As she took me into the private spa casita, I couldn’t help but be welcomed by a warming combination of a lit fireplace and soothing smells from the products. The silk organza curtains darkened the room and made for a perfect environment for relaxation.

I had a few minutes to change and hop under the sheets of the plush treatment bed before Melissa returned to the room. As I had mentioned to her earlier in our conversation, my right shoulder was bugging me (maybe from my computer addiction!) and I wanted some deeper work in that area to help ease the pain. Sometimes therapists jump right in and work deep into the muscle, however, Melissa made sure that I was thoroughly relaxed before she went into the area that was giving me pain. I can truly say that after minutes of her totally relaxing work, I was putty in her hands.

Since she wanted the treatment to be a completely customized experience, she asked me a few questions along the way, and I offered up some of my personal favorites. At one point, she even hopped up onto the table, pressed her legs into my hamstrings and did a few minutes of ashiatsu work. As she worked on my legs, she could tell right away that I was an avid runner. She asked if she could try some stretching techniques that might loosen up my stiff muscles in my calves and feet and I happily obliged (I love being stretched!). And I must admit, I felt like I was much faster that evening when I went to the gym!

In one word, to sum up my experience at the Blue Door Spa, my time there with Melissa was healing. She wanted the treatment to be about me and exactly what I needed that day. No worries about what the exact motions for a treatment were, but what would make me feel great inside and out. And she succeeded!

I couldn’t help but give her a big hug on the way out and thank her for making me feel like a million bucks again. I experienced a truly warming and healing treatment that day and will absolutely be going back every chance I get.

Blue Door Spa Suite and The Hermosa Inn are not only a breathtaking hideaway right around the corner from the city, but a place I guarantee you will feel like home at and never want to leave. Staycation, here I come!

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