Well & Being Spa at Fairmont Scottsdale

7575 E Princess Dr
Scottsdale, AZ 85255

Believe it or not, it’s rare these days that head Spa Girl Sunny actually has time to spend a day at the spa (crazy, huh?). So when she decided to go, she went big and chose Well & Being Spa as the place to waste away a few valuable hours just hanging at the spa. In the interview that follows, Sunny and friend Jasmine share their impressions and experiences. Both girls indulged in the spa’s signature Havasupai Body Oasis Experience, an amazing two-hour treatment designed for relaxation and inspiration.

Sunny: So our first order of business: change into our spa duds and check out the amenities in the women’s locker room…because they wouldn’t let us in the men’s locker room (cheesy smile). How ’bout that locker room?

Jasmine: Well I really liked their nifty keypad locker system. I have some freaky compulsion about not having things in my pocket…must be the New Yorker in me. Anyway, the hands-free thing was great.

S: Didn’t you lock yourself out of your own locker though?

J: You don’t forget anything, do you?

S: I could’ve lived in that locker room! I was driving some poor woman crazy in there because I couldn’t sit still. First, I spent about four seconds in the whirlpool. Then I went into the steam room but I almost fainted. So I tried to relax in the hot sauna but kept imagining that Seinfeld episode where Kramer was frying his skin on the roof with butter so I didn’t last in there very long. Then I dipped a toe in the cold plunge…it was really cold…so I tried the Swiss shower for about half a second. It’s exhausting to be me…(big breath). Actually though, the eucalyptus inhalation room was the one place I almost relaxed! It was wonderful.

J: I tried the Swiss shower too. It was kind of scary at first and apparently someone really tall had been in there before me but once I adjusted all umpteen of the showerheads, I really liked it. But then I took a regular shower because I had just worked out and it’s such a luxury…taking a long steamy shower.

S: You clearly need a man.

J: I know! One of my favorite things was that our spa slippers were crystal clear so if you had a pedicure, it would look so pretty! Hey, it’s the little things, you know.

S: So how’d you like our nutritious and delicious lunches?

J: Well, I must say, I was tempted to go for the tuna sandwich but I’m so glad that I tried the shrimp and scallop dish instead. It was delicious and really filling…I actually couldn’t finish it

S: That’s ’cause you were talking so much. I finished mine.

J: Hey, I don’t get out much. I was just worried that I wouldn’t get my sweet tooth satisfied with this healthy lunch thing, but the streusel muffin was great. I really loved just sitting out in that courtyard.

S: Yeh, that was the best part. Okay girlie, give our readers a quick synopsis of the Havasupai treatment.

J: Well, it starts in the women’s waiting area. The therapist greets you and escorts you outside to the falls. The falls are amazing…three streams of water, each with a different strength…the ultimate luxury. I felt like I was in one of those travel commercials. Then we dried off and went back to the waiting area for a foot bath. I loved the porcelain basins they used and the teak trays for our tea…the details were amazing and the therapist explained everything as he went.

S: I was curious about that–you got a male therapist and I got a female. I’m way too modest for a male therapist. How was it?

J: Oh I have no problem with that. He was amazing and he was definitely a healer.

S: So then we were each escorted to individual therapy rooms for the rest of our treatment. What was your favorite part of the treatment?

J: Oh, just how it kept going and going…just when you thought it was over, some other wonderful thing would be done…I was scrubbed and then took that amazing bath and then the massage. The smells too–eucalyptus, rosemary, citrus. But when it was over, I still wanted more!

S: Yeh, it was the hydrotherapy bath that finally did me in. By the end of it, I was limp and nearly passed out. The therapist had to help me out of the tub. And that was probably the first time in my life that I actually relaxed for a massage. I mean I had to! She did have to ask me at one point to relax my neck…gotta stay a little tense, just in case there’s a fire or something. Honestly though, I was truly relaxed. I say “so” a lot, huh?

J: Yes, but I like you anyway.

S: SOOOO, what was your favorite thing about Well & Being?

J: Mostly that the place is so huge. You could easily go there with four or five people but still give each other plenty of space. I mean, there was so much space that you didn’t get on my nerves at all.

S: You only got on my nerves that one time. Yeh, and there’s something interesting at every turn there too–in the design, architecture and that pool…wow! When can we go back?

J: Next time you get a day off!.

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