Abloom MedSpa

Can SmoothShapes really zap that cellulite? Read on! Ever had one of those days when you put on a pair of shorts or a swimsuit, looked at yourself in the mirror and thought “ugh, that could be toned, that should be gone, and that just isn’t right.” I know I have. When I have those […]

Deseret Aesthetic & Lifestyle Institute

Microcurrent Facial Sculpting. Sounds a little scary, huh? As a mere intern new to the spa world I was slightly nervous about what I was getting myself into. Deseret Aesthetic sits within a quiet medical plaza and looks and feels like a cozy day spa. Upon my arrival I was greeted warmly by Molly Nelson, […]

Denise Hurley Aesthetics & Laser

I recently visited Denise Hurley Aesthetics to get some help with a problem that was quickly becoming out of control — adult acne. After weeks of frustration with bumpy skin that wasn’t disguise-able with makeup, my favorite Arizona Spa Girl, Lisa, recommended that I pay a visit to Denise. As you know probably know from […]

Vanity on Mill

Ah, the never ending shaving, waxing and plucking. Thanks to technology, these necessary evils in every girl’s beauty routine now have a magic eraser, laser hair removal. Scarier sounding than it actually is, I stopped by Vanity on Mill for an underarm laser hair removal session. Here’s the full report and I have to tell […]

Absolute Vitality Spa

Tucked in a boutique space within the Fiesta Resort and Conference Center, Absolute Vitality Spa has an unmistakably spa-like feel. Dimmed lighting and soft music set the relaxed tone and with two treatment rooms located at the back of the facility, services are performed in complete peace and quiet. My massage therapist began my treatment […]