Denise Hurley Aesthetics & Laser

8600 E Shea Blvd, Ste 110
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

I recently visited Denise Hurley Aesthetics to get some help with a problem that was quickly becoming out of control — adult acne.

After weeks of frustration with bumpy skin that wasn’t disguise-able with makeup, my favorite Arizona Spa Girl, Lisa, recommended that I pay a visit to Denise. As you know probably know from my former reviews, I’ve never been all that into facials, but I was desperate and willing to try anything.

Denise’s office is located in The Palmer Center for Natural Healing, a beautiful, relatively new building located just west of the 101 off Shea Boulevard in Scottsdale. After relaxing for a few minutes in the waiting room, Denise came out and welcomed me and took me back to her space. Since she runs a one-woman show, her office is quite small (just one chair in one room), but it seems to suit her and her clients just fine. Denise has been in the industry for more than 26 years and has a long list of regular clients who have trusted their skin to her for years.

Denise took one look at my skin once I was in her chair and said, “You need me, and I can help you.” Thank goodness.

I chose the Epidermal Leveling treatment, which is a superficial removal of dead skin, done with a sterilized blade. It’s perfect for the removal of sun damage, acne scars and large pores. It sounds odd, but it is pretty much amazing. She started by cleansing my skin, and then began swiftly using the blade to “shave” my skin. Then, the fun began.

Denise has a very intense clogged pore extraction process that is not exactly the most comfortable (I’ll admit, it’s a bit painful), but it is a must for those with troubled skin. Essentially, she goes in and properly squeezes clogged pores. She explained to me that the reason it was a bit painful for me was because I had so much old oil build-up under my skin that has never been removed. She said that a lot of that oil was around the sides of my face and chin – probably from years of oily hair products sitting around my face, and from my phone (I officially am switching to text-only conversations!!).

My skin felt extremely squeaky clean when she finished the extraction. She finished the treatment with a cooling mask and then recommended a few products I use to help soften the old oil in my skin and keep my skin blemish-free (not more Proactiv!). She told me that I’d likely need a few more treatments before I saw the kind of results I was really hoping for, since my pores were extremely clogged. I booked another treatment for the following week and told her that my skin needed to be perfect for my upcoming wedding in October. She agreed and said that would not be a problem.

Since seeing Denise for my first treatment, I’ve gone back two more times for mini-facials and my skin has never looked or felt better. She has definitely gained herself a new regular client; I am determined (with her help) to beat this adult acne and love my skin!

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