Vanity on Mill

944 S Mill Ave
Tempe, AZ 85281

Ah, the never ending shaving, waxing and plucking. Thanks to technology, these necessary evils in every girl’s beauty routine now have a magic eraser, laser hair removal. Scarier sounding than it actually is, I stopped by Vanity on Mill for an underarm laser hair removal session. Here’s the full report and I have to tell you, the experience was completely painless.

Vanity on Mill is a vintage salon and day spa is tucked right on bustling Mill Avenue and is as charming as can be. Plenty of parking spaces are available directly behind the salon so there’s no feeding meters or parallel parking (phew!). As a big shabby chic fan, the vintage spa was right up my alley. Laying eyes on glass doorknobs, gold mirrors and eclectic furniture pieces I immediately fell in love with the facility.

Before my treatment I filled out a waiver and was given a take-home form with the full low-down on after care. All ready to go, Vanity on Mill owner and certified laser tech Peggy Wagner led me to my treatment room. She was extremely knowledgeable about laser hair removal and explained what to expect and asked if I had any questions about the treatment. I was wearing a tank top so I hopped on to the treatment table and Peggy covered my eyes with a pair of goggles. With a high-tech looking machine, she placed the tip of it underneath my arm, pressed a button and moved on to the next area until my entire underarm had been zapped. Each time she activated the laser felt like a very lose rubber band snap and took less than five minutes to do each underarm.

After my treatment I had no bumps, redness, irritation or pain. Plus unlike waxing, there was no prep or grow-out and I could shave the day before my treatment. A few days later my skin is still smooth and within the next few weeks I can expect slight shedding from the treated area that often looks like hair regrowth. After about a month or when hair begins to grow back, Peggy advised me to make my next appointment. Taking just a few minutes and with no pain at all, laser hair removal is a total breeze and worth the hair-free results!

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