Kalologie 360 Spa Hilton Village

Kalologie 360 Spa Scottsdale

Centrally located off Scottsdale Road in Hilton Village, Kalologie 360 Spa is the affordable solution to the total body spa experience that we’ve been craving. With roots in southern California, the spa offers convenience and a mix of relaxation and beautifying therapies all under one chic roof. What’s more is that Kalologie makes regular spa […]

The Beauty Scene

the beauty scene

Relax during a facial? Nah, not this Spa Girl. My measure of a good facial is how hard you have to grip the sides of the treatment table (see my previous review). The harder the grip, the better the facial. A little post-peeling? Bring it. Cheeks as flush as a ripe tomato? Good sign. Or […]

Healthy Glow Skin Care

Healthy Glow Skin Care

Nestled in a quiet complex in Scottsdale, Healthy Glow Skin Care is the epitome of customized beauty. In desperate need of a pore cleansing and some relaxation, saying I was excited for my facial would have been an understatement. Upon arrival, the staff addressed me with a very low and calming tone. Arriving (late) from […]