Kalologie 360 Spa Hilton Village

6107 N Scottsdale Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85250
Kalologie 360 Spa Scottsdale

Centrally located off Scottsdale Road in Hilton Village, Kalologie 360 Spa is the affordable solution to the total body spa experience that we’ve been craving. With roots in southern California, the spa offers convenience and a mix of relaxation and beautifying therapies all under one chic roof.

What’s more is that Kalologie makes regular spa services easy on the pocketbook with their monthly Spa Pass membership. Kalologie memberships are flexible and personalized in that you can choose what service you want each month. As a member, you get a monthly one-hour massage or classic facial for only $49 along with other benefits like complimentary aromatherapy upgrades with every massage or facial and special pricing on waxing, airbrush spray tanning and additional services. Plus, you get a discount on Kalologie medical-grade skincare products – a lineup of award-winning cleansers, serums, eye creams and moisturizers that are free of parabens, sulfates and petrochemicals.

So naturally, when we heard that Kalologie 360 Spa was headed our way, we had to get our tushies in there. A monthly spa service for less than $30 bucks a month? Bring it!

When I arrived at Kalologie for my first visit (yes, I’ve been back twice now!), a perky and smiling receptionist greeted me. She was very thorough when explaining how to fill out the paperwork and offered me water. While I sipped my pre-treatment hydration, I took in the space. Hues of sea green and dark brown gives the place a calming vibe while a wall of bubbly circles give it a a fun, contemporary feel. The atmosphere is definitely welcoming to both men and women. My aesthetician came to greet me shortly after and she was also smiling and seemed genuinely excited about performing my treatment.

After I was tucked in the treatment bed, my aesthetican got to work on my skin using Kalologie’s own line of products. Their ultimate anti-aging treatment featuring DNA-repairing enzymes and intensive hydrators helps to activate skin stem cells, increase moisture, boost antioxidant defenses, improve elasticity and reverse signs of aging. In other words, good stuff!

After she cleansed my skin and did some extractions (hurts so good!), she performed a DermaSweep treatment. DermaSweep is a state-of-the-art, non-invasive exfoliation and revitalizing system. Apparently, the difference with this system and others is that it offers more flexibility and precision to address all sorts of skin conditions – from acne scars to age spots. The treatment feels a lot like microdermabrasion (hello, kitty cat licking my face) but wasn’t painful and was actually very relaxing.

Next up was a 20-minute LED light therapy treatment. Wearing protective goggles (optional, I chose the goggles), my aesthetician gave me a super relaxing massage on my hands and feet while the warm glow of the light therapy zapped away any lingering impurities. After my facial, my skin was literally glowing and I could see an honest-to-goodness improvement in overall tone and vibrancy.

I followed my facial up with a massage. Why not, right? And what a totally relaxing experience it was! My favorite part is when I flipped on my back and my therapist placed an aromatherapy mask over my eyes so I was able to truly decompress. I have a tendency to open my eyes when given the chance so I never quite give in to the calming effects of certain treatments. The lavender eye mask helped me melt in to the table and totally let go.

My visit to Kalologie 360 Spa was the perfect mix of R&R and high-tech skin rejuvenation. You hard-working ladies (and gentlemen!) out there, now is the time to snag yourself a monthly peace of mind. Definitely check out Kalologie 360 Spa. You can thank us later!

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  1. Hayat says:

    I took a girls trip to Arizona and found a Groupon for a one hour massage and one hour facial for $55. I couldn't skip out on this great deal and I'm glad I didn't. It was an amazing experience. The staff was extremely friendly and very good and what they did. The massage was perfect and I highly recommend Dominic. After my massage I was told that he's an instructor and you can tell. My facial was also something I never experienced before. A massage on my scalp, hands and feet were given with my facial and that was a first for me. Usually I get just a scalp and maybe shoulder massage with my facials. I was worried that we would be treated differently since they knew we weren't from the area but it was the complete opposite. They treated us with a lot of respect and got to know us on a personal level. It's extremely clean and very modern and sleek. I would highly recommend going to this spa.

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