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23425 N Scottsdale Rd Ste A4
Scottsdale, AZ 85255
the beauty scene

Relax during a facial? Nah, not this Spa Girl. My measure of a good facial is how hard you have to grip the sides of the treatment table (see my previous review). The harder the grip, the better the facial. A little post-peeling? Bring it. Cheeks as flush as a ripe tomato? Good sign.

Or at least that was my thinking before I got my tooshie into the aromatherapy spa capsule at The Beauty Scene in North Scottsdale for a Microdermabrasion Facial.

The Beauty Scene is tucked in the Pinnacle Shopping Center at the corner of Scottsdale and Pinnacle Peak Roads Scottsdale between JJ’s Deli and Diva Divine boutique. The sunny reception and waiting area doubles as a retail therapy space, where they sell a selection of skincare and beauty products including Eminence, Image and Clayton Shagal (note to self: Shelley Kyle candles next time I need an awesome gift). The painted white brick walls with teal accents and abstract artwork give the place a calm, clean and contemporary vibe.

My aesthetician, Jenel, came out to the waiting area to greet me. She was warm and personable and led me to the dimly lit treatment space, which hides six treatment rooms. She left me to change in private while I eyed up the spaceship-like contraption that I was instructed to lay in for my facial. All I could think of was The Jetsons. (Remember the cartoon with cute little Elroy and the aerocar? Still waiting for that flying car.) I wondered if there was a button I could push for a cold cocktail. Now that would be sweet.

The aromatherapy spa capsule is essentially a reclined body pod that, through a light vibrational massage, stimulates circulation and helps bring about deep relaxation. A light aromatherapy scent emanates from within the capsule, which is heated to a comfortable level (about 95 degrees for most people) and encloses you from the chest down. The bed cradles your body with a slight lift under the knees and comfy head rest.

I hopped in, covered myself with a light sheet and when Jenel returned to the room, she closed the lid and pressed a few buttons to start the massage. It takes about half a second to get used to and then off to lala land you go.

So onto the facial. Most of you already know this. The standard facial protocol is to cleanse, exfoliate, assess, treat and protect. Jenel moved skillfully through the steps, explaining to me here and there in a soft voice why she was using a particular product or answering my questions. By the time she started up the microdermabrasion machine, I was practically in a trance. “Oh here we go,” I thought as I prepared for the restful intrusion. But the machine they use is different. She explained that it was the latest diamond-tip technology and exfoliates without the sandpaper-like sensation of the typical machine. So back into the trance I went while my dead skin cells were lifted and vacuumed away. Au revoir icky dead cells.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better, she applied a deliciously scened sugar scrub to my decollete and shoulders. After massaging it in and removing the aromatic scrub, she applied a rich lotion and sealed in the good vibes with a gentle massage (hello, relaxation, my long lost friend).

Like all good spa treatments, it was over all too soon. The capsule had relaxed my body literally head to toe and when I reluctantly got up out of the pod and peered in the mirror, I saw a super smooth, clear complexion staring back at me. And what made me most happy was that although I got a light peel and the micro, I had no redness or follow-up peeling. In fact, my skin was quite happy for months.

The Beauty Scene is a convenient escape for skincare, massage and spray tanning. They constantly run great specials, which makes taking a little spa time incredibly affordable (sign up here). I’ve since been back twice and my services were equally stellar. Bonus: Eyebrow waxing and shaping is complimentary with all facials.

Oh, and I found a great daily sunscreen. Jenel recommended Oxygen Botanicals Total Protection Cream, which is a super lightweight moisturizer with broad-spectrum protection. It sinks right into your skin without that whitish hue and has a light, green apple scent. Love it.

Two very relaxed thumbs up for The Beauty Scene in north Scottsdale!

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