Twisted Scissors

5905 W Chandler Blvd Ste 104
Chandler, AZ 85226

With dark roots and straggly split ends, I desperately needed a partial highlight and cut with stylist Lauren Young. Upon my arrival to the boutique salon, I sunk into one of their comfy styling chairs, took my brassy blond hair out of a ponytail holder and gave Lauren a look that screamed “please help me.” She asked me what I liked and didn’t like about my current color and gave me the option to lighten up with a good dose of toner or go darker with a few ashy highlights. Being a true-blue bottle blond, I opted for lighter and agreed to a few golden pieces to break everything up. Next we talked about what I wanted to do with the cut. Lauren had plenty of suggestions to get rid of my straggly, damaged ends without cutting off too much length. I couldn’t quite decide what I wanted at that moment so Lauren assured me that I wouldn’t have to make any big decisions until my color was done.

She grabbed some magazines and a diet coke from their extensive water and caffeine stash and quickly mixed up my color. Once the color was mixed, Lauren skillfully brushed it on piece by piece until half my head was covered in foil. She then whisked me off to the dryer where I sat for only a few short minutes. Unlike many salons I have visited in the past, Lauren checked up on me and didn’t make me sit for what felt like an eternity after the dryer shut off. So, without a neck ache and plenty of my juicy gossip magazine left to read, my color was processed and it was time to rinse.

We walked over to the bowls and Lauren ran a lightening toner through my hair. Next, she shampooed and conditioned (which felt like a relaxing head rub) and it was back to the chair for the cut. With Lauren’s help we decided the best plan of attack was to snip off a half inch of damage and clean up the split ends on my layers. To make my super damaged front framing layers look fresh and healthy she snipped my overgrown bangs into a flattering, side swept angle.

After the cut, Lauren ran a blow dryer over my hair and smoothed my wavy pieces with a flat iron. The result was amazing. My color was light blond with a few rich caramel pieces. It didn’t appear drastically shorter than before but looked and felt much healthier.

I liked Lauren because she was incredibly knowledgeable and gave me plenty of cut and color options without being pushy. She worked quickly but never acted like she was in a rush which made my appointment relaxed and easy. I couldn’t be more happy with my fresh blond tresses and walked out the door with hair even better than I envisioned.

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