Spa Pima

2150 S Power Rd
Mesa, AZ 85209
Spa Pima at the Pima Medical Institute, Mesa

I find that my days are filled with crouching over a computer feverishly typing away (while insanely caffeinated), which can cause some major aches and pains in my neck, shoulders and back. I know most of you know exactly what I’m talking about! In dire need of a good therapeutic massage, I made an appointment at Spa Pima in Mesa.

Spa Pima is a student clinic and day spa affiliated with Pima Medical Institute. You can choose to have your massage performed by a Pima Medical Institute student or, for a few extra bucks, request that your treatment be performed by a licensed massage therapist. Either way, Spa Pima is outrageously affordable.

On the day of my appointment, I woke up ready for some serious massage therapy. I knew that I needed a therapeutic massage (not a relaxation massage) and was completely prepared to “feel the pain.” I’ve been experiencing a tingling and numbing sensation in my arm and hand at night that is likely attributable to the fact that I type all day, everyday. I rarely give my hands a break during the week and on the weekends, I spend my time working on a book. Knowing that tapping away on a keyboard is my life’s destiny, I’ve realized that massage therapy is likely to be a long-term part of my career path.

Upon arrival to Spa Pima, I was greeted by the friendly, smiling staff at the front desk, cucumber water (one of my favorite things) and a beautifully decorated clinic. I was actually blown away by how beautiful the lobby was. When I think of a message clinic that is a part of a massage school, I generally imagine the bare minimum in regards to decorations and customer service. Spa Pima proved me very wrong. After checking in with the front desk staff, filling out some paperwork and sipping on some delicious cucumber water, my name was called and I was more than ready to get on the massage table.

My therapist started by asking me questions based on my paperwork. She quickly concluded that I was suffering from tightness in my neck and shoulders and that was the cause of the numbness in my arms and hands when trying to fall asleep. Working her magic, she began to work out the kinks and knots that were causing my pain.

I walked in to the clinic fully expecting my massage to be less than relaxing and to my surprise, the skillful therapist was able to work on my problem areas without causing me a crazy amount of discomfort. Much to my delight, I was extremely relaxed after my massage and she sent me home with a list of stretches and exercises I could do to decrease my discomfort. When I laid my head down to fall asleep that night, I didn’t have any numbness or tingling. (Yay!) Since then, I have made sure to do the stretches that my therapist suggested, which have helped decrease my pain level immensely.

Spa Pima is a hidden gem in East Mesa. Their massage therapy services are extremely inexpensive ranging from $25 for a student massage and only $39 for a licensed massage therapist. Their low prices paired with their amazing customer service and knowledgeable therapists makes this massage clinic one of my new go-to spots.

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