Sassoon Salon

6961 E 5th Ave
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Sassoon Salon Scottsale

We sent our secret Spa Girl in the field to check out Sassoon Salon in Scottsdale. Here's her report!

My life is rather dull, so after most haircuts I'm typically headed to the grocery store or some other destination where good hair goes to waste. But this time, it's New Year's Eve and I've got a bona fide reason to get gussied up. My path to pretty starts with a tinter/permer. This itself this is a treat … someone to dedicated to the color of my hair … someone who cares! I learn that each client's color is custom made at Sassoon, so there is no chance of getting your color "not just right" or ending up with an expired formula that does not take. This comes with one caveat: bring bedside reading. Not that I am complaining … in the end it was all worthwhile, but I had no idea it would ever take this long. As the girl who didn't read the December book of my book club, I could have used the time more wisely.

Juxtaposed in time spent, but as equally impressive, is my hair cut. Most stylists need forever and a day to straighten my wanna-be curly hair, but this stylist, who I later learn has been in the biz for more than 10 years, cuts, blows and styles my hair in no time. Like a true athlete, she makes it seem easy, yet I look like she's been slaving over me for hours! I leave with a style that is classy and edgy, without looking cookie-cutter. In fact, I believe Mr. Sassoon himself would approve. Reality sets in and I realize I might not get called for a shampoo commercial shoot, but oh well … at least this one won't get lost on the grocery section.

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