Salon Surreal

7000 N 16th St, Ste 144
Phoenix, AZ 85020

We sent our intern and super sleuth Katie to Salon Surreal in Phoenix to follow up on rumors that not only were the stylists fabulous, but the aestheticians were too. Apparently, reports of their top-notch services have not been exaggerated! Here’s Katie’s report.

Let me say first that I am not a “facial virgin.” I have had the pleasure of experiencing many facials as a Spa Girl, but this one was distinctly different. My aesthetician, Kelly, was careful to ask me enough questions to understand what I was looking for in a facial. I was there for relaxation and clarification, not a hardcore, break out the jackhammer kind of treatment.

I began by slipping into a plush wrap-style robe and became cocooned in the warm blankets and refreshing aromatherapy filled atmosphere. In addition to the traditional facial treatment, I received a full shoulder, neck and dcolletage massage with essential oils. Relaxing yet invigorating, the calming and cleansing Yon-Ka products combined with expert techniques made this spa treatment a Perfect 10.

The tale-tell sign of ultimate relaxation is when you can just listen to calming music, breath in the aromatherapy, and drift off to sleep while you are treated to luxurious cleansing, massaging and moisturizing. And that I did!

But the best part of my Salon Surreal facial was the fact that it didn’t end when I walked out of that treatment room. They sent me home with more than just my glowing complexion — I also received a delightful goodie bag packed full of the lavish Yon-Ka products they used so that I could maintain this fresh face for days to come. I’ll be back Salon Surreal … we’ve heard there’s a master bikini waxer on staff too. It’s a tough life being a Spa Girl but someone has to do it!


  1. Stacy M says:

    I love Salon Surreal! I was visiting Phoenix and decided that I needed a facial the day before Thanksgiving. I looked at your deals and started calling. Salon Surreal could get me in right away that morning.
    The first thing I noticed when I walked in was how comfortable and pleasant the staff and the atmosphere made me feel. It looks like a typical hair salon, but don't judge this book by its cover. My aesthitician was Kari G and she's awesome. She asked me questions to get an idea of what my skin's behavior is, what my normal skin care routine is like and what I was looking for that day. Katie's review above mimic my experience. I was lead into a warm, inviting, low-lit and quiet room with candles & aromatherapy. I slipped out of my business clothes and the world they occupy into a comfy slip-on robe and a cushy massage table that was complete with warm sheets and blankets. Heaven. Kari took care of my face and I recieved a full neck, shoulder and decollotage massage that was so relaxing.
    Afterwards i was offered a seat, beverage and light snacks. They offerred me a wonderful bag full of all the stuff they recommended for my troublesome skin, but i voiced my concern getting through the airport with extra liquids as i was travelling with only a carry-on. No problem, we'll ship them home for you, no charge. Wow! I will definitely go back to them as often as I'm in Phoenix.
    Thanks Spagirls for having an excellent site and thanks Salon Surreal for an excellent experience!

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