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Chandler, AZ 85226

Spa-girl-in-the-field Carolyn visited Salon Beauremy not one but two times (now that’s dedication!) to review their salon and skincare services. Here’s her glowing report!

Vitamin C Facial Review

Heather Madden specializes in medical-grade aesthetics combined with massage, relaxation and all-over skincare health. She is an expert in the treatments she performs and is extremely knowledgeable about the products she uses on her clients because she actually uses them herself. Her aesthetics room exudes a tranquil, Zen feeling with white flowers, candles, mirrors and a large framed painting hung on one of the faux stone walls.

When I arrived for my service, I changed into a soft towel cover up and sunk into the cushioned treatment bed. Heather began the facial by removing my makeup with a gentle cleanser and steamy towel. Next, she asked me if there were any specific issues I had with my skin and what results I hoped to receive from the facial. I had a pesky pinkish area under my eye that I could not get rid of for months and a blemish that had popped up that morning. Heather examined my skin under a bright light and decided that a Vitamin C face lift would be just the thing to erase my problem areas and hydrate my parched skin. But first, to tackle my embarrassingly red blemish, she quickly zapped it with a radio frequency machine. It was completely painless and Heather promised that the redness would diminish almost immediately and the infected area would quickly fade because of the radio frequency’s antibacterial properties.

Next, Heather swept a cleansing, degreasing serum across my face, neck and decollete. She then smoothed on a brightening exfoliating scrub and massaged it lightly into my skin. Then, she applied the vitamin C solutions and while they were settling into my skin she applied a special eye cream treatment under my eyes then covered them with cooling eye pads. After a relaxing neck and shoulder massage the eye treatment and product layers were removed. Heather applied a protective and moisturizing SPF moisturizer to my face and I was ready to go.

When I got into my car, I checked out my complexion in my rear view mirror and noticed that my red problem areas were nearly gone and my face had a subtle, natural glow without a greasy, piled on product look. Hands down, this was the most effective facial I have ever experienced. I went in with a broken capillary area and a not so pretty blemish and came out with reduced redness to each area which completely disappeared after a few hours. Days later, my skin is hydrated, clear and I have not broken out like I usually do after receiving facials. Best of all, I don’t have to mask my under eye area with concealer every morning and now have amazingly healthier looking and feeling skin.

Hair Color and Cut Review

After my skin-altering facial, I was lucky enough to visit Salon Beauremy for round two. This time: A fringe trim and much-needed color overhaul with hair expert Amy Rova (who’s a ton of fun by the way!).

I sat down on one of the salon’s jet black styling chairs and Amy pieced through my bottle blond mess. After chatting about what I wanted, she promised to give me a lighter, brighter look and was determined to take the brassy tones out of the dark bottom section of my hair. She mixed my color, grabbed a water and magazine from the back and started to foil away. After reading maybe two pages of celeb gossip, we started talking and I didn’t pick up the magazine again until I hit the dryer. Amy precisely brushed lightener on tiny sections of hair and after what seemed like no time at all, my I was completely covered in foils. She led me to the dryer and while my color was processing, checked on me frequently to see if I needed a beverage refill and if the temp was ok. Next it was time to rinse, shampoo, condition which felt like a mini-massage.

After I was back in the chair, I could already see a definite difference in the color. With a reputation as a styling guru, Amy placed just the right amount of product on my damp tresses and began my blowout. Section by section she wound each piece around a round brush and smoothed with the dryer until each piece was flat and glossy-looking. With wavy, out of control frizzy hair, this is the first time I’ve gotten away straighter-free without my looking like a poufy mess. After my hair was dry, it looked completely different. My usual lackluster strands were actually shiny and all the orange fade-out and dark hued roots were gone. Also, Amy made the darker section of my hair a deep, rich brown that was the perfect contrast to my dimensional light blond.

I left the salon absolutely loving my hair (which is a big stretch, believe me!) and I had a blast chatting it up with Amy. Two weeks later I have no fade out and my color looks just as pretty the day I left the salon!

Dermaplaning and Medical-Grade Peel Review

Spa girl Morgan is up for about anything so we sent her to Salon Beauremy to get the goods on the popular skin treatment called dermaplaning. Dermaplaning is a process in which a skilled skincare professional uses a sharp scalpel to exfoliate the skin. Yes, it’s a glorified close shave. But did it leave her skin smooth and glowing? And does it hurt? Here’s the scoop!

With the fond memories of summer lovin’ now just a mere album on Facebook, time to face fall with some serious post summer skincare repair and luckily I know just the face (ur, I mean place!). Time to visit Just a Tease for the works — dermaplaning and medical grade peel.

I arrived early for my appointment to the comfy Salon Beauremy. Before I could settle in too much, I was greeted by the bubbly and flawless-faced Heather. Before changing and getting too comfy, we thoroughly discussed my skin, medical history and skin treatment history (as a self proclaimed product junkie, this took some time!). Heather concluded that I was the perfect client for dermaplaning and explained how the procedure was especially beneficial in the removal of the outer layer of dead skin cells and fine hair. It helps to unclog pores while enhancing the absorption of product (the way it’s intended to work). She was very thorough and knowledgeable and put me right to ease. After quickly explaining the process from the prep to the manual dermaplane exfoliation to the light peel that completes the service, we were ready to get my skin back into working order! I lied back and got comfy as Heather worked though her skin-perfecting steps.

A thorough cleanse then on to the fun part! Dermaplaning uses a surgical blade to gently remove the thin top layer of skin and the peach fuzz that traps the icky bacteria on the dermis level. While sharp enough to scrape away hair and dead skin, the blade gently avoids nicks and cuts. The sensation compares to a gentle scrape and tickle (seriously, no harm here!). Heather then applied a light peel (she’ll decide which one is best for you), to draw out more oil from the pores and to enhance exfoliation. Finally, the service is complete with a light hand massage and moisturizing balm for your lips.

I noticed right away my face was ultra smooth and soft! And when I went to apply makeup the next morning, foundation just slipped right on — like butta! Overall a terrific experience, I give Salon Beauremy two thumbs up!

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