Massage Heights

3425 E Baseline Rd Ste 107
Gilbert, AZ 85234

We sent our massage aficionado SpaGirl Kari to get her knots kneaded at Massage Heights in Gilbert. Here’s her ahhh-some report.

After a long weekend of events where I was on my feet in 116-degree weather, I was really excited to get the kinks worked out and experience some deep relaxation at Massage Heights. After looking over their extensive menu, I selected a 90-minute massage with a Coco Mojito Foot Rub add-on to soothe my tired footsies. When I arrived, the front desk was attentive and personable. I was impressed by the client information sheet because at other facilities I often want to write “none of your business” to questions that do not seem relevant. Their questionnaire focused on my target areas for the treatment and what results I was hoping to achieve. As I was sitting in the lobby, a woman who had just finished her massage was booking another massage with her therapist and raving about how good he was. I was crossing my fingers that I would get her therapist because she looked very relaxed!

I was led back to my treatment room and sank into the heated massage table where the super soft microfiber linens and spa-like atmosphere helped me begin to wind down immediately. I asked my therapist to turn up the music and dim the lights to help me completely relax. The deep tissue massage was perfect. Occasionally, I had to take some deep breaths as he worked on stubborn knots but I knew it would be worth it in the end. Halfway through my massage, I flipped over and it was time for my mojito foot scrub. The therapist used a sugar scrub with lime and mint to exfoliate and soften my feet. I couldn’t really enjoy the fragrance of the scrub because I had a stuffy nose from working all the toxins out. When he was done, he wrapped my feet in warm towels and continued my massage. As my 90 minutes were coming to an end, my therapist used a coconut-infused massage oil for a deeply soothing neck and shoulder massage. On my way out, my therapist gave me some recommended stretches and told me to drink lots of water. I left feeling calm and even a little taller. Massage Heights gets a two thumbs up is definitely a place that I would recommend!

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