Maggie’s European Skin Care

4256 N Brown Ave Ste G
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

There's just something about Maggie. It had been nearly 7 years since I last visited her at the resort spa where she still works a few days a week. I had fallen head over heels for her thorough yet oh-so relaxing facials, her warm and compassionate sensibility, and her sincere concern for the condition of my skin. My wallet couldn't keep up with the resort spa prices though so I was thrilled to learn that she had opened her own place in Scottsdale aptly named Maggie's European Skincare.

In true Maggie style, she was waiting for me outside the screened door of her new studio and jumped at the sight of me, hugging me with that genuine Armenian embrace. As we got caught up in the tranquil sitting area, I could tell she was eyeing my skin as we chatted and was working out a plan of attack in her head. When I finally settled into the super comfy treatment bed, her skilled hands got to work. She first got busy on my brows, expertly plucking them back to shape. Then she lowered the lights and started with a relaxing cleansing followed by an enzyme mask, extractions, and a Vitamin C treatment that not only exfoliated but also deeply nourishes and heals aggravated skin like mine. She also went after a few problem spots that I honestly resigned to being permanent "beauty marks." But she wasn't having that. One particular bad spot she zapped with a high-tech device that banishes bacteria and finished with a dab of some miracle pimple potion. Two days after the facial, that sucker was gone. Completely gone. My skin was so smooth and glowing when I left and honestly, I felt the same lightness of spirit that you get from spending a whole day at a fancy resort spa. An hour and a half well spent. Now that I've been reunited with Maggie, I'm excited to assess the long-term improvements I've already noticed in my skin.

So what it is about Maggie that will have you hooked? More than two decades of intense skincare training and expertise? A celebrity client list a mile long? Or that friendly, gracious and generous attitude of hers? I'll let you decide.

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