Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa

15233 N 87th St
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Massage therapy saves the day (and a relationship!) at this convenient and affordable day spa retreat in Scottsdale.

I have an issue – my back. I don’t like it and it doesn’t like me. We’ve had a very strained relationship for the past year or so. I’ve sought out couple’s therapy via numerous massage therapists but we just can’t seem to get along. Our relationship has been so tumultuous that my back ceased being passive aggressive and decided to take the full on mean route. Just when I start having a productive day my back always ruins it by sending fire searing up my shoulder, of course this always ruins my mood and hinders my productivity. Before seeking a full blown divorce I decided to give therapy one last shot.

I pulled up to Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa in Scottsdale feeling somewhat optimistic, I figured that if they couldn’t fix the strained relationship between my back and I, I’d at least have a day to relax.

The outside of the spa looked average, it’s located in a strip mall surrounded by other businesses and restaurants so you would almost miss it if you were driving by. But upon entering I got a very pleasant surprise. The lobby was decked out in chic, white leather couches accented by very classy wall décor that added to the relaxing atmosphere. The coffee table had a stack of chocolates so ornately arranged that I almost felt guilty digging in, but of course I couldn’t resist the urge!

I was greeted by Mitch, the spa manager, a super sweet guy who had such an ease about him that I immediately felt at home. Mitch offered me a bottled water and asked me to fill out a questionnaire. I liked the fact that I had a questionnaire to fill out – I could complain about my back without it talking back and somebody would listen and try to help! We chatted about my strained relationship with you-know-who until my therapist, Gene, came to whisk me away.

Gene was super easy going. He reviewed my questionnaire and we both agreed that my therapy time would be best spent concentrating on my back rather than the other parts of my body that weren’t being quite as spiteful.

Gene’s skillful fingers began kneading through my many knots, immediately easing the tension. He used a variety of massage techniques that I had never experienced before and I could actually feel the therapy beginning to work. Gene is generally a quite masseuse (I know this because I asked), he enjoys concentrating on his work instead of blabbing away. But since I’m super nosy I decided to engage him in conversation.

During our talk I learned that Gene used to suffer from Sciatica so severe that he could hardly walk. After visiting several chiropractors he was referred to a massage therapist who changed his life. Having experienced massage therapy in such a powerful way, Gene was inspired to help others and thus made his late life career change. Gene has now been happily practicing the career of his dreams for the past nine years.

After completing my massage Gene gave me an amazing foot treatment that consisted of hot towels, compressions and sugar scrub. I felt like a new woman and my back felt like a new … back.

Before leaving I stopped to chat with Mitch and was amazed learn about the awesome prices offered at Hand & Stone – you can receive monthly therapy for as low as $39.95 per month! I think this is something my back and I will definitely have to look in to!

It’s been three days since my visit with Gene and I am happy to say that my back and I are doing better than ever. My back stopped being mean and has not zapped me with fire since that wonderful session. I think we are on the track to reconciliation. This story has a very happy ending all thanks to the healing power of Gene at Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa!

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