Essential Touch Wellness Center and Boutique at Shea

9003 E Shea Blvd
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Well now I’ve done just about everything! Before I go on, let me first tell you that I’m not a "naked" person — I don’t do massages, wraps or any other types of body treatments in the buff because I’m just too darn modest. So when the opportunity came up for me to try the Essential Touch’s Esthebuste treatment, I was a bit apprehensive.

Haven’t heard of an Esthebuste yet? It’s essentially a facial for the neck, chest and bust. A boob job, if you will. The Esthebuste treatment was developed by Pevonia Botanica to heal, repair and tighten the sensitive skin between the chin and lower bust line. A combination of an ingredient called Kigelia Africana from a tree in Africa (curiously known as the Sausage Tree) along with Chamomile and Elastin helps to produce smoother, hydrated skin with improved elasticity and texture.

Being rather uneasy as I mentioned, I still managed to relax once I had on my spa robe (the same robes apparently found at the Bellagio in Las Vegas) and my Sensi slippers. One thing I have to mention about this place — it’s immaculately clean! And the waiting area is so quiet and homey feeling that I found it no problem to let go of my anxieties, plop my feet up on a footstool, sip some delicious herbal tea and await my Esthebuste treatment.

Once my therapist escorted me to the therapy room, she instructed to me to lay face-up (boobs up) on the table. The room was warm, thank goodness, as the therapist started the treatment. First, she cleansed, exfoliated and toned the area between my neck and bust line very much like a facial. Then she gently massaged the area, which she explained would increase the blood flow and improve circulation. Next she applied the specially formulated Esthebuste cream, covered my chest with a later of gauze, and began preparing the mask. The Esthebuste mask was a very thick, greenish goo that when first applied, felt warm and heavy. But once it began to cool, it took on an intense tingling, almost slightly stinging feel. Something was definitely going on under there!

After several minutes, the therapist peeled off my mask in one huge piece. And behold, there were my boobs — could’ve been a piece of artwork had I not been lying on my back (you know, the whole gravity thing). She cleansed the area again and applied a cooling, protective cream.

So were "they" any different after the treatment? Truth is, I really don’t know. I’m so worried about the laugh lines around my eyes and the size of my thighs, that I don’t pay much attention to my chest. My skin was definitely softer and maybe a bit firmer, but I think the thing that I really took away from this treatment is that I tend to ignore this part of my body. It’s high time I start paying attention to this area and maybe give my thighs a break.

Getting a mammogram, just finished nursing or maybe just having stressful day? I say, go get a boob job at the Essential Touch! Celebrate those sensual, life-giving, sometimes perfect, sometimes imperfect breasts of yours by giving them an hour or so of uninterrupted attention. You’ll be all the perkier for it — mentally and physically!

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