Elements Massage Central Scottsdale

9343 E Shea Blvd Ste 120
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Being the massage-lover that I am, I’ve had more than my fair share of good, great, bad and just plain weird massages. My massage at Elements Massage Central Scottsdale was by far one of my best experiences so far.

Last week, after getting a bright-and-early 4 a.m. start; I was feeling super tired and mega sore. I found a deal on AZSpaGirls.com for Elements Therapeutic Massage Central Scottsdale on Shea Blvd., for a $59 55-minute massage, or $20 off an 80-minute massage for first-time clients. I booked my appointment and got in early that evening.

Elements is in a beautiful new shopping center, located at Shea Blvd. and 94th Street. I walked in, was immediately greeted and had a chance to sit down and relax for a minute before the massage therapist, Michelle, came out to fetch me.

After bringing me into the massage room, Michelle asked me a few basic questions about pain I was having. I made sure to let her know that I like very deep pressure, specifically in my neck and shoulders (don’t be scared to tell your therapist what kind of pressure you like and any other specific information that will help make your massage totally blissful).

Michelle was amazing. She had me start face-up on the table, which is not usual procedure, so she could wrap by neck and shoulders in a heating pad to loosen up the knots prior to kneading them out. I mentioned to her that I was an avid spinner (as in indoor cycling) and that the muscles in my thigh and quad have been extremely tight. She did a variety of stretches on my body throughout the massage to loosen up those tight areas, including the “frog leg” stretch, which I’m not even kidding, totally cured my quad of pain.

She completely followed my instructions for heavy pressure. On my neck and upper back she demonstrated some pressure point therapy that I could do on myself to ease some of the daily pain I feel from sitting at a computer all day.

I walked out of the room feeling light, refreshed and energized. As I was paying for the massage (I always leave a tip on the full treatment price, not the coupon price, especially if the treatment is great), I learned about the Membership package, where you can get a 55-minute or 80-minute treatment each month for the same sale price I received from my Arizona Spa Girls coupon (normal price is $79 and $104, respectively). You can even share the treatments with family members. I’m always far more inclined to hop around from place to place to try out different treatments, but I had such a great experience with Michelle at Elements that I booked another appointment with her for later this month and am thinking about signing up for the Membership package.

(Editor’s Note: No, normally we don’t make our spa girls rise and shine at 4 a.m. It makes them grumpy! We were up before dawn to film a spa segment for ABC News that morning. Check it out here!)

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