La Sonora Spa at Tanque Verde Ranch

After a scenic but hot horseback ride under a September heat advisory in Saguaro National Park, I wanted to cancel my body treatment scheduled at La Sonora Spa at Tanque Verde Ranch. The thought of being swaddled in human-sized Saran wrap following a two-hour trot on a sweaty 1,000 pound horse through dense saguaros and […]

Massage Envy Spa Thompson Peak & Frank Lloyd Wright

Massage Envy to the rescue! Massage Envy is a lifesaver. It was a 4:00 on a Friday afternoon and my neck was so wracked that is was permanently cocked to one side. If I moved the wrong way – pow – a ping of pain. It’s the same ol’ story: poor posture + stress + […]

VH Spa for Vitality + Health at Hotel Valley Ho

Deep Stress? Try the Deep Six Massage at the VH Spa. As a soon-to-be-bride (3 weeks and counting, ahh!), I have been so stressed out that I can feel a tight line of knots across my back in between my shoulders. Not good. I decided it was time for a massage, but not just any […]

Space Massage

Arcadia’s hidden space for therapy that fuses traditional and Thai massage. Meticulously perfect. That is my best description of Space in Phoenix. As I parked on the street in front of Space Massage Studio, directly adjacent to massage therapist John Hill’s home, I immediately got a sense of familiarity. After all, two of my favorite […]

Par Exsalonce Salon & Day Spa

Spa Girl Olga made her way to Par Exsalonce for a head to toe nail transformation. Here's her glowing report! I have a bad case of dry skin which I generally like to refer to as alligatoritis (it’s scaly, it’s itchy, it’s no fun at all!), so when Donna Parr, owner of the super luxurious […]

Blue Door Spa Suite at The Hermosa Inn

Blue Door Spa Suite at The Hermosa Inn in Paradise Valley is truly the boutique hideaway it claims to be, in everything from the stunning views of Camelback Mountain to the authentic Arizona decor. Its one-of-a-kind charm and intimate elegance made me yearn for a getaway all while providing a comforting feeling of home. I […]

Elements Massage Central Scottsdale

Being the massage-lover that I am, I’ve had more than my fair share of good, great, bad and just plain weird massages. My massage at Elements Massage Central Scottsdale was by far one of my best experiences so far. Last week, after getting a bright-and-early 4 a.m. start; I was feeling super tired and mega sore. […]

Kalologie 360 Spa Hilton Village

Kalologie 360 Spa Scottsdale

Centrally located off Scottsdale Road in Hilton Village, Kalologie 360 Spa is the affordable solution to the total body spa experience that we’ve been craving. With roots in southern California, the spa offers convenience and a mix of relaxation and beautifying therapies all under one chic roof. What’s more is that Kalologie makes regular spa […]

Bliss Scottsdale at the W Hotel

I’ve been waiting for this little nugget of Bliss since I first heard it was swinging our way more than two years ago. In fact, I wrote a little ditty about it. Wanna hear it? Here it goes. An Ode to Bliss: Oh sassy little BlissGirl. You with your beguiling smile and your cutesy treatment […]

Elements Therapeutic Massage Glendale

Our Spa Girl and Physical Therapist in the field Karen made a date with Elements Therapeutic Massage Arrowhead in Glendale. We’re happy to report that she’s got only great things to say about her visit! Here’s the scoop. From scheduling to post-massage, my experience at Elements Therapeutic was a total breeze. Their helpful staff made […]