Desert Blossom Salon & Boutique

146 W Main St
Mesa, AZ 85201

I have a case of long-hair syndrome. I’ll be the first to admit it. After committing one of those “my life just changed drastically and so I need to change my hair just as much” faux pas and cutting my lower-back touching locks up to my shoulders, I went through a time where I couldn’t handle seeing scissors anywhere near my hair.

Fortunately, stylist Katie Bonn enticed me to come into the uber-cute Desert Blossom Salon in Mesa for a shampoo and style just at the right time. I arrived one afternoon, with my mom in tow, feeling ready to garner up the courage to take the plunge for a trim (pathetic, I know!). As I walked into the storefront that lines the quaint street of historic downtown Mesa, I felt like I was heading into my favorite store Anthropologie. Opening the door to a wealth of unique tops, dresses and accessories made me wide-eyed instantly. I was drawn in, and couldn’t be responsible for any decisions made while in the salon.

I approached the front desk to let them know I had arrived for my appointment and, luckily, Katie came up to me quick enough to scoop me away from buying everything in the boutique before my hair was beautified. She brought me back to her refurbished antique vanity station and plopped me down in the cushy chair. As she introduced herself and engaged me in good conversation, she broke out a fresh and yummy smelling citrus infused grapeseed oil to give me a scalp massage. She asked me what I was thinking about doing with my hair, and as I melted in the chair, I couldn’t help but think it would be a great day for a trim. Katie immediately told me she had a treat in store for me, and brought me over to the washing station.

There, she washed my hair with TIGI Haircare products that left my hair feeling and smelling squeaky clean. She then put in a gloss treatment to leave my hair extra silky and shiny (my favorite feeling!). While waiting for my glossing treatment to set, Katie gave me an awesome hand massage that left me totally relaxed and ready to get trimming. We then rinsed and went back to her chair.

As I sat back at her station, she combed out my hair and got to cutting right away. As we shared funny stories and laughed, I almost forgot what was really happening until she was ready to blow my hair out. She then worked a Catwalk Thickening Gel Creme into my hair to give me manageability, shine and a little boost. After separating my hair into sections, she blew out my hair using a medium sized round brush and stressed the importance of using the attachment on the hairdryer that smooths and streamlines the airflow. This will guarantee for a non-frizzy look and can save the harm of using a flat iron post blow dry.

Katie finished styling my hair with a little root lift and Catwalk hairspray to set it all. As a hair obsessed gal, I usually accept the fact that I will leave the salon with a style that I will have to make minor adjustments to, but Katie’s styling technique was absolutely perfect and left me in awe!

And just like that, it was quick, painless and even really enjoyable for me to lose a little bit of length! (And I even got to try on a SUPER cute pair of jeans on my way out.)

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