Applause Salon

7246 E 1st St Ste 102
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Oh dear goddess of nails, please make my tootsies soft, coiffed and pretty. And it shall be done. For low and behold, Applause Salon is home to none other than … are you ready for this … Suzanne, the one and only Nail Goddess. She’s got a gift folks and if you’re ever anywhere near downtown Scottsdale, you’ll have to stop in and treat yourself to one great pedicure.

During my visit, the Nail Goddess clipped, shaped, filed, buffed and scraped for nearly an hour (and no, I am not a hobbit!). Then I was pampered with a wonderful exfoliating scrub followed by a mint-laced lotion that made my legs and feet feel tingly and cool. She really impressed me too with her attention to the little things (like slipping on my sandals BEFORE she painted my toes — why hasn’t everyone thought of that?) Oh divine Miss Nail Goddess, thank you for my sparkly red toes and my velvety soft soles! Now can someone do something with my hair?

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