The Spa at DC Ranch Village Health Club & Spa

18501 N Thompson Peak Pkwy
Scottsdale, AZ 85255

First, let’s be clear. I’m no gym rat. I have a series of unsubstantiated fears that range from dropping a weight on my forehead to flying off the treadmill and ending up in a heap in front of some super jock. And in this particular joint, I also have a fear of looking fat. So when the Spa Boy and I won a free membership to the DC Ranch Village Health Club, I was like, “whatever, sure, we’ll go. But I won’t like it.” Well, he got addicted to squash (how completely snooty, huh) and made fast friends with a crew of really great guys, while I got addicted to yoga and have made squat for friends but I’m very centered and at peace, thank you very much. The yoga room has an amazing ceiling lighting system and the club attracts some of the Valley’s best yoga instructors. My favorite time to go is on Sundays for a Yoga 101 class followed by Restorative Yoga experience that’s all stretching and laying there like a big cat. I practically float out of the room after those 2 hours and don’t even care that my au naturel boobs aren’t alarmingly perky and my butt shakes a bit when I walk.

Oh, and about the pedicures…. The pedis at this club spa are fabulous. Yes, they are a bit pricey but they last about an hour and are the most relaxing nail experience I’ve had in a while. The sunlit pedicure area is tucked behind the salon in a secluded row of lounge chairs, each of which is sectioned offed by a soft privacy curtain. Pedis start with a quick soak in a foot bowl and then back you go in this comfy recliner (and off you go to la-la land). Your feet are at a comfortable level for the nail technician, which makes it all the more pleasant. I don’t remember much after reclining but when the nail tech gently brought me back from unconsciousness about an hour later, my nails were perfectly shaped and polished and my rough heels where soft as a baby’s you-know-what. The Express Pedi is much more affordable. I’ll be back.

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