The Salon & Day Spa at The Scottsdale Plaza Resort

7200 N Scottsdale Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85253

Feeling disconnected? Need focus or creative inspiration? The Salon & Day Spa at The Scottsdale Plaza Resort may be your answer! While not necessarily a traditional massage experience, the Dehp Massage brings relaxation to a whole new level by incorporating emotional and mental stimulation.

I went into the session unsure of what to expect and left with more gratification than I could have ever thought. Let’s rewind a bit though as I am sure you may have a few of the same questions that I did when I scheduled my treatment.

My first question was what exactly was I getting myself into. Is it a massage, an inner voyage, an emotional challenge or something entirely different? The answer? All of the above. The treatment utilizes a 90-minute massage and focuses on balancing the rhythms of your body to stimulate thoughts and images, which are all explained at the end of the session.

My next question: What do I wear? I arrived with all the necessities in hand and prepared for anything but, as my husband regularly lets me know, I was over-prepared. For this treatment, dress as you would for a regular massage.

Josette, the therapist who leads and performs the Dehp treatments, immediately set me at ease by explaining the process. During the session, as I briefly mentioned above, many thoughts and images cross the mind and simultaneously, Josette builds a connection and picks up images and emotions of her own to help her guide the session. Throughout the massage, you simply say whatever images and thoughts that occur and Josette writes them down to discuss upon completion. If you are anything like me, which she assured me most people are, you will not understand how any of these things relate or mean anything — but they do and everything she explained was right on.

It was amazing to hear someone vocalize thoughts and feelings I couldn’t quite put my finger on, but hearing it said aloud made perfect sense. The whole experience is quite personal and divulges things about yourself that you might not even be aware of; in fact, that’s really the point. Our bodies spend so much time picking up external messages that they can’t process everything and many messages get lost in translation. While it didn’t directly solve any problems or spark any supreme ideas for me specifically, it did give me insight into some personal struggles and I left feeling much more in control of the direction I was taking my life.

As it turns out this is not an uncommon feeling post-treatment. Many writers use the Dehp sessions to spark creativity while others use it to figure out how to embrace or solve situations in their life.

Leaving the room I felt like a weight had been lifted off my chest. Each experience at The Salon & Day Spa is personal and unique and at the end, Josette offers all of her clients the opportunity to reach out to her if they have follow-up questions. All-in-all this was an unforgettable experience and one that this spa girl is certainly glad she had!

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