The Saguaro Spa

4000 N Drinkwater Blvd
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
The Sauguaro Spa

I love the vibe of The Saguaro Spa in Scottsdale because it effortlessly combines hipster, Bohemian-chic with the luxury that Spa Girls have come to expect from other hotel and resort spas in the Valley of the Sun.

The Saguaro Spa is small and charming, with a bright and fun Nuevo Latino theme that’s mellowed by mood lighting and the always-wonderful “spa smell.” It carries high-end beauty lines from Ilike and Skin Science in its quaint retail area, which also sells quirky goods like Carlos Santana hats and Mexican calendar girl tsotchkes.

On the menu at The Saguaro Spa are a collection of massages, body treatments and facials inspired by desert and indigenous ingredients. I signed myself up for the Desert Essence Poultice, which is The Saguaro Spa’s signature treatment.

It’s an interesting experience that uses warm desert herbal compresses to deliver a relaxing pressure point massage. The Desert Essence Poultice even incorporates some light stretching techniques, which I appreciated after a series of long workdays stuck at the computer.

As my therapist stretched and massaged, I mentally tuned in and out to a light and eclectic soundtrack of Latin and jazz. When the poultice massage was over, she read an uplifting affirmation out loud to close the experience. Then, she sent me on my way with my herbal compresses and told me how to store them in the refrigerator and use them at home for a natural way to fight aches and pains.

While the Desert Essence Poultice was extremely euphoric, you should know: it’s not really the typical massage that works knots out of your back and shoulders. So, if you’ve got some real kinks to loosen, I’d recommend the Signature Saguaro Massage.

Also worth checking out at The Saguaro Spa are the body treatments. They sound as delicious as they do revitalizing with ingredients like lemon, aloe, chilies and Mexican chocolate topping the list.

A selection of spa tapas look great for some quick r-n-r, especially the orange blossom neck and scalp massage. You can book a 30-minute spa tapas on its own or add one to any of the 60-minute treatments on the list.

The Saguaro Spa is a boutique-style spa and facilities are pretty basic, so don’t book here if you’re looking for a whirlpool, steam room, sauna cycle-type day. (Though I highly recommend booking a spa treatment then hanging at the hotel’s pool!)

Also, because the space is on the smaller side, sometimes you do hear conversations happening in other treatment rooms or in the hallway. In general, though, they’re hushed and tuning them out is easy thanks to the fantastic treatments and therapists.

From my conversations with spa staff, it seems The Saguaro Spa is especially dedicated to local business. They regularly host spa specials and welcome residents with open arms. That’s always a plus in the Spa Girl book!

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