Chroma Salon Studio

5010 E Shea Blvd, Suite D201
Scottsdale, AZ 85254
chroma salon studio review

I’ve got great news, Spa Girls (and guys if you’re out there). This town has some amazingly talented hair stylists who don’t charge an arm and a leg and your first born. It just takes some work to find them. Case in point, Miranda of Chroma Salon Studio in Scottsdale. Her studio is tucked in the North Alamos office building on Shea Blvd. I’ve zipped by the place dozens of times and never noticed it. Until that is, I made an appointment for a highlight, cut and blowout.

Her studio digs are modest – a stylist chair, full-length mirror, black leather couch, shampoo bowl and artwork on the wall painted by her father. Her dad is an artist and her sister is a fashion designer. An artistic eye obviously runs in the family (more on that later).

Miranda was ready for me when I got there. An Arizona native, she has a calm and professional demeanor, gorgeous porcelain skin and a great head of hair. We chatted about my own frazzled hair and she confidently mixed up the color and got to painting and foiling.

My regular stomping ground is a bustling salon in Scottsdale. I love the place and the people-watching is oh-so fascinating. But this experience was different. There were no distractions, no clients eying me up impatiently as they waited for my chair and no dizzying din of dryers and chitchat. This was all about me. I kinda liked that. In fact, it was relaxing. Wow, yeah, I think I actually relaxed.

So once the color had processed, I made the three-step trek to the shampoo bowl (no hiking across a salon with hair full of foils to get to the shampoo area). Miranda gets some serious points for an awesome shampoo and head massage. Nothing like it.

Now for the scary part. The cut. Like many of you, I’ve had enough bad hair cuts in my life that as soon as those scissors come out, my palms sweat. “Just a trim,” as I always say. Which is exactly what I usually get. But Miranda actually shaped my hair. She gave it some long layers around the face, which I desperately needed. I was nervous, I admit it. But I very much sensed that artist in her. She took off a little here, a little there and continuously sized up each trim, stepping back every once in a while to eye it up.

The blowout brought it all together. The beautifully blended highlights came to life as my hair dried and the soft layers framed my face perfectly (here’s a pic, you may have to “Like” the page first to see it). The bonus came when she totaled up my bill. Pleasantly affordable.

That night, I had a little shindig to stop by where I got tons of compliments on my hair. The next day, another event and more compliments. I’ve been really happy with how the color and cut have grown out and I’m definitely going back. I’ll miss the buzz of my regular Scottsdale salon but a Spa Girl’s got a do what a girl’s got to do. I want those hot pink Vera Wang wedges I pinned on my Pinterest page this morning and I’ll happily save a buck or two on my hair to afford them. Especially when it looks this good!

Thanks Miranda of Chroma Salon Studio and see you again soon!

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