VH Spa for Vitality + Health at Hotel Valley Ho

6850 E Main St
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Okay, here’s my perfect spa day. I roll up into Hotel Valley Ho and relinquish my ride into the trusty hands of the handsome hotel valet attendant. I stroll into the hotel, through the airy lobby, the slinky lounge and into Cafe Zuzu where I plop down in a cozy nook. I throw back a cup of Joe, down an egg white omelet and take in a few rich bites of grits (secret ingredient: mascarpone cheese).

Next I make my way outside, past the Oh Pool (I’ll hit that later) and up the stairs to the VH Spa. I take one step in the spa and breath in the signature Red Flower scent that laces the air and check in at the reception desk. I saunter into to the women’s lounge where the jazzy tunes and the crisp white and blue hues make me smile. I slip into the over-sized, vibrant blue spa robe and my slippers. I slather on the Red Flower lotion so the scent of the spa and I become one. Then I plop into one of the retro loungers in the waiting area and sip on fancy hot tea.

My services for my fantasy day would start with the Lomi Lomi full-body scrub and massage and then the reclined manicure and pedicure, which I would float away from elated, totally relaxed and with a stupid smile on my face. Then I would change into my swimsuit, head downstairs to the pool, order up a veggie wrap and then sleep off my spa stupor in a lounger. I would awake refreshed, still slaphappy and head back upstairs to the spa and shower and slather myself in yet more gobs of Red Flower lotion.

I would check out reluctantly, pop my head into the boutique and then make my way slowly back to the lobby, taking in the historical architecture and the happy vibe that permeates the property. I might linger in the lounge and dial up a few friends and see if anyone wants to meet at Trader Vic’s for a Mai Tai. I would leave with bated appreciation of how lucky we are to have this chic boutique spa smack in the center of a hotel draped in a glamorous past.

And then, as I hop back in my car, I would take a deep long whiff of my forearm and remember my fantasy day…. (This dreamy vision was based on actual events!)


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