1854 S Val Vista Dr
Mesa, AZ 85204

Fuchsia had us at hello. As soon we stepped foot into this pink haven, we were smitten with the enthusiastic staff, the energetic hues that danced throughout the boutique and spa, and the concept of fun, funky relaxation all rolled up into this hip package. So to get an unbiased review from someone who had never experienced Fuchsia, we sent our spunky summer intern Regina to check it out. Here’s her report (we take it she really, really liked it):

The minute I walked into Fuchsia, I instantly knew I was going to love the place. A cute and girly atmosphere, yet also relaxing — a combination I think is kind of hard to find! Now right after I stepped in the door, I was warmly greeted by more than one of the lovely staff members, and they quickly got me into my room for my service. After settling in, my aesthetician asked a few short questions and then she began my customized facial (ooo la la!).

So there I was, lying face up, and I’ll admit, I didn’t exactly know what I was going to come across, but oh boy, what a great experience it was! I couldn’t have asked for anything to have gone better. Some of my favorite music was softly playing in the background, like songs by The Fray and Mary J. Blige. The aesthetician couldn’t have been any sweeter and knowledgeable. It was obvious that she knew what she was doing, and she did a great job! I was really impressed with how well she knew skin. She told me exactly where I was dehydrated on my face, and where I break out the most (even though my face was clear at the time). She also walked me through the facial and explained the products she was using on my face and what they were for  I really appreciated her doing that!

Now during those 50 minutes I literally felt like I had left reality and escaped into paradise. I felt so relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated! Even after a few days had passed since receiving the facial, my face felt great and was still glowing! I really enjoyed my time at Fuchsia, and even though I had to travel quite a distance, it was without a doubt worth it, and I will definitely be going back very soon for another facial!

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