Skin Care by Klara

16447 N Scottsdale Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85254

We sent Spa Girl in the field Angel out to check out Skin Care by Klara Med Spa in the Scottsdale Promenade. Here’s her glowing report.

Skin Care by Klara is a dewy skin-loving gals dream. They boast an array of treatments aimed at keeping your epidermis glowing, smooth and healthy. On arrival, I was greeted by name and offered a bottle of water before being handed the new client forms.

Soon I was escorted to the treatment room where I was provided with a wrap and told to tuck myself into bed. My treatment for the day was microdermabrasion. I have melasma (hyper-pigmentation attributed to hormones) and my face sports a dark patch on my upper lip, like a mustache — very attractive.

After a few moments Klara herself entered the room to begin my pre-treatment consultation. She immediately noted the melasma and informed me that I had patches of rosacea on my cheeks, something I was unaware of despite numerous facials in the past. Because of my condition, she advised that she might have to skip those areas or at least do them lightly. She also rather firmly told me that I was dehydrated and needed to better care for my skin. Note taken. I guess I should heed her word, she boasts more than 25 years of experience in the skincare industry.

The procedure was explained as tiny organic crystals were blasted on my face and neck to slough away dead cells and then “vacuumed” off, leaving super smooth, radiant skin. With my eyes covered she tested a patch on my forehead to determine how much pressure I could tolerate. The sensation reminded me of a cat roughly licking my face. The process was repeated three times and afterward, my hot face was cooled with wet cloths and a masque. Twenty minutes later, the masque was removed, my face was massaged and a copious amount of moisturizer was applied. I was sent home with samples of creams to ease any discomfort and some moisturizer for the rosacea.

I had no discomfort and there is a drastic difference in the appearance and texture of my skin. I left the spa with evenly colored, smooth skin. There is a definite glow and the melasama is not as noticeable.

On a side note, if you visit Skincare by Klara, bring cash! They do accept credit cards but once your card is run there is no place to tip for the service received. If you are anything like me, you carry no more then a couple bucks and a handful of change in your purse. Overall, Skin Care by Klara offers a warm, spotless atmosphere for serious skin therapy. Love it and can’t wait to go back!


  1. Anonymous says:

    I love love love skin care by Klara. She and Angela are amazing. The store is clean and comfortable, always inviting. They are both very knowledgable and really know how to mix and match all of the products that they carry so that they can customize a treatment regime for you.

    I have had skin problems my entire life – I have REALLY sensitive skin. I went to see Klara after my mother-in-law raved about her. I finally caved and went to see her. Klara did not let me down. I started to see her about my face, it was always dry, patchy and red with acne to top it all off. She worked miracles.

    My first facial with Klara was amazing, she was so concerned about healing my tormented skin. She customized a cleansing/moisturizing regimen to help heal my skin. After my first visit, I received compliments from total strangers about my skin, how it was glowing and dewy. Within the first month there was huge improvement.

    I started to see Klara once a month. As my skin began to heal, she customized new skin care regimens accordingly. I have been seeing her for almost a year now and I could not be happier. My skin looks great, I rarely have breakouts, my patchy redness is almost gone and I feel so much better about myself.

    Klara saved me again a few months ago. I had been waxing at another location and was getting sever, painful ingrown hairs and scarring. I was also being burnt. After I was finally able to cancel my package at the other location I went to Klara to see if she could work miracles on me. She did. Almost all of the old scarring is gone and my ingrown hairs have significantly reduced. I couldn’t have asked for better treatment. Klara takes her time, she is careful not to break off the hairs and cares about your skin.

    I would highly recommend Skin Car by Klara.

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