European Wax Center

10625 N Tatum Blvd Ste D115
Scottsdale, AZ 85028

With stick thin brows in need of some major help, I decided to put down the tweezers and turn my plucked disaster over to the professionals at European Wax Center. When I arrived for my brow wax, I quickly checked in with the front desk and waited on one of the lobby’s chairs until my therapist whisked me back to my treatment room. I sat on the treatment table, she handed me a mirror to and with a small wooden stick measured my arch and explained where my brows should start, end and use a little more thickness and less time with the tweezers. Next she went over to their mini bar of wax essentials and began European Wax Center’s signature waxing process. First, she prepped my skin by sweeping my brow area with a cotton pad drenched with lavender cleanser. Next was time for a splash of oil that puts a barrier between wax and skin so the wax only adheres to hair and doesn’t pull or rip skin for less pain and irritation. She dipped a flat wooden spatula in their bright purple wax and placed a thin line under my brows. The wax was only slightly warm and I barely felt anything, even when she quickly pulled off the strip. To get rid of my post-wax light shade of pink, she dapped a bit of hydrocortisone cream where the wax touched and let it soak in while she plucked. After all traces of wayward hairs were completely gone, she trimmed my brows with tiny scissors and explained that if done properly, trimming makes hair look darker and thicker. She removed the cortisone cream, slapped on a small amount of their after-waxing lotion and showed me how to fill in my brows with a pencil. After my treatment was complete my brows were perfectly shaped and looked noticeably darker and fuller than before. My Wax Specialist was friendly, experienced and took extra time to explain how my brows should be shaped for my face and gave me plenty of tips to keep them looking far from their sparse state.

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